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Triskele ring
Material: Deer antler
Size: 12 US or 21,5
Width: 11 mm

Engraving technique: Scrimshaw

In short, the Scrimshaw technique is applied to the polished surface of the bone (in this case, elk horn) drawing with a needle through the points and scratches, and then all filled with paint (oil paint), the excess paint is removed, but stays at the points and scratches, this is how you get the image...

A triskelion or triskele is an ancient symbol, consisting of three curved lines emanating from a single center, sometimes these lines take the shape of feet, "running" one after another. It is the essence of each of the hundreds of triads in Celtic literature, but usually explained more specifically, as the balance of the earth, sea and sky, which was the basis of Celtic cosmology. There are many meanings of Triskele. It is a symbol of harmony with the universe, moving-forward symbol and a symbol of joy. Some see sun path in the triskele symbol – triskele’s "feet" show three basic positions of the sun: sunrise, noon and sunset. Triskele subsequently becomes the course of history, the symbol of “running time." Triskele – ring system of symbol contains a weave of three main elements and worlds (layers of existence) going to infinity; amulet of balance with nature. Balance of three elements in nature gives peace, protection of life and energy; and the symmetry position in the amulet – independence of changes in circumstances and self-sufficiency.

Deer and elk shed their antlers antlers every year in late winter or early spring and begin to grow a new set of antlers in spring.
No animals were harmed.

To protect the ring from the water it's waxed with combination of carnauba and beeswax. But anyway it is not advisable to use in a water..

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Artist : Burakov Dmitry


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